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A person who would be delightful to have sit on your face as you give them oral pleasure.
"That girl over there is such a facehat."

"I wouldn't mind you being my facehat anyday, girl."
by SCTI February 03, 2008
an item worn on the head that's not quite a face mask but not quite a hat.
Guy: Did you see the face-hats those guys had on?
Girl: Yea man they're cool, do you want to come back to mine? I have bagels for breakfast.

wow man that's awesome, face-hats off to you!
by brendyman June 02, 2011
An experimental electro math pop band from Gainesville Fl.
"All the chics at the party seemed kinda disinterested until Facehat played"
by Timmothy Murray February 07, 2008
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