When you are on Facebook for 5 hours and you finally log off, pull out, and that rush of blood and oxygen come back to your head and the world around you looks brighter and more alive.
I totally had a facegasm when I logged off and noticed I havent showered in 5 days!
by Momo Stones September 29, 2010
Top Definition
A sneeze that is so incredibly big, loud and satisfying, it feels like your face had an orgasm. The best facegasms are the ones with projectile snot and saliva shooting out of the nose and mouth.
"I never understand it when I see people who stifle their sneezes, and look like they're imploding. I'd rather have a full-blown facegasm!"
by SneezyDwarf July 09, 2013
When you're eating something so good it makes your face feel like it's having an orgasm
I was eating a chocolate croissant while skypeing my boyfriend; it was so good I couldn't help having a facegasm.
by facestransplanted January 29, 2015
That sensational feeling you get when you see that someone has commented on your facebook wall, like an orgasm except in your face.
"OMG! insert name here just commented on my facebook wall! *facegasms*
by larryzedragon June 13, 2009
When you encounter a fine piece of ass and your face gets all hot, turns bright red, and starts tingling from the neck up. Generally accompanied by uncontrolled giggling, inappropriate noises, or altogether foul language of a sexual nature.
"Channing Tatum is so fucking hot, he gives me facegasms!!"


"I know Channing Tatum is hot, but damn...this is your 5th facegasm tonight!!"
by Geneva & Kat December 28, 2006
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