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When facepalm isn't enough, its close relative facefist is one step up. It's used when a feeling of frustration agitation or the witnessing of an act of stupidity is so overwhelming that you feel the need to punch yourself in the face.
Teacher: Now class, can anyone tell me what the first 6 prime numbers are?

Student: uumm... 1,2,3,5,7, and 9?

Teacher: That's all correct except 2.

Student: But 5 minutes ago I thought you said that a prime number could only be divided by 1 or itself? Doesn't 2 fit those requirements?

Teacher: I'm sorry, are you saying I'm incorrect?

Student: ....Yes?

Teacher: Well in that case you just earned yourself detention!

Student: But why?

Teacher: 2 days detention!!

Student: Ma'am I----

Teacher: DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR A WEEK?!!?!?!

Student: *FACEFIST
by righter than u September 01, 2009
The act of shoving one's whole fist into anothers face.
Man I just gave that bitch a face fist.
by Sexual_Ninja January 19, 2011
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