The act of posting updates on facebook while drunk that one would not post when sober. Similar to drunk texting but out there for the whole world to see.
Just ignore Gabe's rants last night, he was facedrunking
by MBwhocares September 08, 2010
Top Definition
When one loses a cellular phone at a party, one must do something to communicate with the outside world. (To tell of how drunk one is) They instead decide to use Facebook to make these regrettable choices.
"heu suizy i kmwo i habe a girlfirne but i wnwnaa bang youj!"

Facedrunking at it's finest.
by joe joe 22 August 05, 2007
When you come home totally drunk but instead of passing out like you should you write a bunch of embarrassing sh*t on facebook.
Friend: dude, what the hell was with all those comments you left last night? you told me you loved me

Me: dude, i dont know what youre talkin about, i must have been facedrunking
by Classique February 03, 2010
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