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one who goes on facebook and adds anybody just to get the most number of friends and constantly goes on the site and posts pictures up like everyday or changes his or her status multiple times a day
John, are you a facebook ho? Stop checking it so much.
by pokerface2 March 28, 2009
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Someone who thinks they are cool by posting reallllllll slutty pictures on facebook.
"Did you see Katelyn's new pictures?"
"Yah man. she a facebook ho."
by AANNNEE November 14, 2007
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Usually the same group of people constantly making creeper-like comments on an individual's wall/ pictures. Their objective is almost always obvious. In that they try to seduce/persuade the user to like them, when in fact the would never talk to them in person or vice-versa.

Simple Definition:
Overly obsessed bitches(male or female)
i.e. Facebook hoes

Suzy:"Ohh Xander would you marry me?"

Lucy:"OMG, I love this omgg, You make me drool."

Brittnay:":D I loveee this"

Kendall:"yur amazing. ♥"
by BLA-Q January 31, 2011
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