Refusal to join facebook due to the completely rational fear of old girlfriends/boyfriends who may still have a hate-on for you after a disastrous break-up years ago.
Girl 1: Hey Carol, how come I couldn't find you on facebook?

Girl 2: No way, Jen! I seriously don't want some of those guys I went out with in college to find me. You remember Frank? He threw that "I hate Carol" party after we broke up? {shudders}

Girl 1: You've GOT to get over your facebook phobia and join the real world!
by Veranda Collingwood October 09, 2010
Top Definition
Feeling of disgust or contempt toward facebook. You feel the world would be much better if facebook never existed or existed in a form such as Linkedin.

You hate adding friends for popularity contents, you hate having "friends" revealing all of what's going on with their life while they are not really your friends and never talk to you. You feel your list of friends is a sort of address book with too much information. You feel a world was much better for ex-es (ex-friend, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife etc) when Facebook did not exist, especially for lonely people with broken hearts. Facebook feels too clingy, too invasive and too overwhelming. You feel Facebook became too big.

You feel a contempt to Facebook as Bruce Willis in one movie toward Surrogates.
- Mark is facebookphobic because he thinks Facebook makes too much distractions in making friends in real life and avoiding enemies.

-How do you save humanity when the only thing that's real is you?

- People with facebookphobia avoid facebook as much as possible

- Facebook profiles are online version of surrogates from a Bruce Willis movie. People appear to be what they are not in the real life.
by Master Joie September 13, 2010
When someone on facebook has a fear of commenting, "liking" things, or posting pictures.
Person 1: Why didn't you respond to my post?
Person 2: Sorry, I've got facebook phobia.
by PhDavid June 18, 2011
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