A mythical female creature that roams the streets of Birmingham (UK) at night. Sightings are rare but if eye contact is made with 'it' the viewer is turned to stone
'look over there by the DJ booth.. Face Aids!'
by RedSole March 16, 2009
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Top Definition
When a person's face is so messed up and ugly, it looks like their face has aids.
That girl is so ugly, I think she must have faceaids or something.
by chork October 12, 2006
Another term for facial herpes. Especially when the sores are weepy and yellow
Dude I ate that filthy bitches cunt and now I have the face Aids. Dirty two-bit slut.
by Alanhat September 19, 2007
1. An insult to someones cleanliness.

2. An expression on boredom.
1. That girl is so dirty i bet she has face AIDS!

2. I've never been so bored in my life, I'd rather have face AIDS than be here!
by Mat Edwards August 13, 2007

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