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When you use facebook while on the crapper.
Boss: Hey, I just noticed you updated your facebook status, weren't you in the bathroom?

You: Yea, I was face-pooping.
by Mikey The Comic January 20, 2009
Browsing and/or updating information on FaceBook or other social network site while sitting on the throne.
Oh yeah, she'll be in there forever, she's Facepooping.
by butlerjl November 21, 2010
fay-se-poo-ping // VERB: the act of using Facebook while using the toilet.
Where did Bryan go? He said he had to use the restroom.

Oh, he's probably Facepooping, he'll be in there for at least a half hour.
by jmreal October 22, 2011
facepooping- the act of facebooking while on the toilet via mobile devices or laptops or some such portable means!!!
I saw that my friend added me to some random group he made up, while facepooping this morning!!
by dliteoflife August 07, 2011
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