a talk, a moment, a meeting, a sleepover, a drink, a dinner, a time together no matter how short.
I finally got my facetime with Donnie Wahlberg and it was pure heaven
by NKOTB fan November 03, 2008
The act of doing a chick and right before you ejaculate, you look at your watch and jizz on her face while yelling, "FACETIME"!
Friend: Why do your girls eyes look like a rabid raccoon?
You: Because I went all facetime on her last night!
by dmoney777 November 26, 2011
The ejaculation of semen on one's face.
Did you face time that chick the other night?

Oh yeah!
by WallaceK December 12, 2010
The process of "sucking face"
Boy/Girl/Jabba the hut: Dude, im like totally in love with you and shit
Boy/Girl: Heck yes man, lets Face Time
by hubbletelescope August 03, 2010
Time spent on Facebook.

Especially time wasted.
tim - "I don't think I'll be able to get off Facebook for awhile."
joe - "enjoy your Face Time"
by IeatEGGSaLOT May 30, 2011
Cunnilingus!!(did I spell that right?) Dudes get head, the honeys get face time.
+My jaws hurt+ *Why?* +Man, I gave (her name here) about 45 minutes of face time last night to make her come+ *Damn...you must really love her*
by Yawnee July 24, 2006
Actual time spent in front of another person. The idea is that this is "time" spent with the person as opposed to other forms of communication. Such as writing or phone.
"You need to spend some face time with your girl friend if you expect to keep her around"
by gerg June 27, 2003

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