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Fucking a girl in the face as if it were her vagina
Joe faceblasted the girl so hard she gagged and then he blew his load in her mouth.
by WeezyF8911 April 23, 2009
the act of farting while standing, then sitting down-placing your face where your ass just was.
"Oh man! I just face blasted myself!"
by Alexjayna the Gross December 07, 2009
When you get your face blasted by the wind
Simon "I went out on the bike for a blast"
Kev "What sort off a blast"
Simon "A face blast"
by Slee182 April 06, 2009
when skiing copios amounts of powder snow its common for the light powder to fly up into the air and blast ones face.
Andrea was skiing a steep powder covered slope while on ski vacation. When returning to the lodge she exclaimed the snow was so deep I had multiple face blasts.
by powderskiutah February 24, 2011
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