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The spanking of a partner's face with one's penis during oral sex.
I totally face-spanked that bitch with my man meat!
by Paracelsus June 04, 2004

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The act of smacking one's face with the cock either before or after maybe even during (to add surprise) oral sex. this is also know as a dick slap.
I face spanked my girl while she was giving me head
by Anthony January 04, 2005
To slap someone's face with such force it makes the cheeks bright red and swollen like a regular spank does to one's behind.
She Wouldn't leave me alone so I Face Spanked her
by TEEG January 28, 2009
a spank to the face.
That little bitch just got the face spank,now he is crying.(suck it up Richie)
by Bitchen Clyde January 16, 2004