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what I like to say when I see a bunch of different kinds of cats in one setting.
wow, some meow mix you've got going on here...
by TEEG February 18, 2006
A: a popular brand of cat food, even though your cat wont touch it.
B: Several different species of cats living in the same environment.
A: ( wont say due to shameless product placement reasons) :P

B: wow, some Meow mix you have in here. never seen a Sphinx and a persian get along so well, you figure the sphinx would be jelous.
by TEEG February 20, 2006
Referring to the first, yes it is derived from STFU which means "shut the fuck up" Stuff you is a tamer version more widely accepted, yet still holds the same message of shutting up.
dude: hey why dont you see me some time?

chick: stuff you and go away!
by TEEG February 20, 2006
a person of the gothic subculture that buys all of there clothes at high dollar stores( you know which one comes to mind) then basicly brags about it, they are the preps of the subculture and are more apt to be depressed over credit card statements then the fact that the world is ending slowly.
girl: check these out I got them at ( you know where) for only ninety bucks!

guy: I never realized that you were such a preppy goth...
by TEEG February 20, 2006
I usually say it when I KNOWS I am going to get in trouble...

exsample: Shit man, if they found out about this they would have my tits on a skewer

variations: Titties,Ass, Nuts... ect.
by TEEG February 10, 2006
1. Slang for old school, or out dated.
2. Making do with older technology.
3. A geek who untilizes technology in ways which it wasn't intended. (furnature, doorstops, car parts out of computers, etc.)
1. "Dude, omg, your coffee table is made out of old computers, that is so ghetto geek."
2. "WTF is this a 486?" "Yeah man, it's my good laptop". "Man your hardcore ghetto geek".
3. A geek programing an application/game etc. only able to run on the most modern hardware, on a pre P2 computer.
by TEEG February 20, 2006
One of the gothic persuasion that wears instead of black, neon or bright colors more or less as a show of sarcasm.

"I dont know why we put labels on things, goth, candy goth, neon goth, it's not the labels or the clothes, it's the attitude and overall disgust with the world isnt it?"
by TEEG February 20, 2006
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