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The spanking of a partner's face with one's penis during oral sex.
I totally face-spanked that bitch with my man meat!
by Paracelsus June 04, 2004
A Dominican is a person from the Dominican Republic, a small banana republic in the Caribbean. Many live in the New York City and are known for mostly for dealing drugs, destroying property, fighting, yelling when they speak, wearing tight clothes over obese bodies, playing music so loud it makes your filling rattle and throwing their trash out windows. They are almost permanently mired in the lower economic rungs due to their propensity to party 95% of the time and their disinterest in education. Many drive liveries. The remainder do nothing, but make noise and sell drugs.
Hey some Dominicans are barbecuing on the street, throwing their trash everywhere, and playing music so loud it makes your fillings rattle.
#dominican #washington heights #new york #d.r. #dominicans
by paracelsus May 09, 2015
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