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A person who's face you hate so much that you are totally repulsed by them and can't seem to have a normal conversation with them. They are your best friends on email, text, and chat but once you're face to face with them you either ignore them completely or make up an excuse and get the hell out of there, after you make plans to meet up on chat later of course.
Dan: Hey, I am meeting Jason for some drinks today, you want to hang out with us?

Tom: Would love to, Jason is hilarious, but I face hate him, sorry bro.
by freedom17 November 10, 2011
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To use Facebook as a platform to hate or complain on someone or something. Normally about a person, job, internship, trip, purchase or anything else that nobody really needs to know but you'd like to tell everyone because the hate needs to be let out.
Facehate sample:

Rich hopes everything bad that can happen to a person, happens to Cody and him only.
by Cheeva August 06, 2009
a feeling you get after facebook stalking someone and discovering something you do not like about them
Karly was feeling some facehate toward Ashley after discovering pictures of Ashley making out with her boyfriend.
by stina4l June 03, 2010
When someone expresses hate through facebook.
"Mark Gilland posted: Need a plumber? DON'T call Benefit Plumbing! 'nuf said" This is an example of true Face Hate
by Woo in PC August 13, 2010

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