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When you get home from work, sit on the couch, smoke a joint, kick you feet up, relax, turn on the TV to watch the weather forecast by Tom Skilling at WGN Chicago.
Mac: What are you doing after work?

Me: First I gotta skillax and then maybe head to the beach.
by freedom17 August 11, 2011
Quite simply the act of drinking during the day. It could mean drinking during the day on the weekend (if you are employed), or weekdays if you are not employed.
Brian: What's the plan this weekend?

Tom: Daydrink all day, all weekend!

Brian: I love it! I daydrink all the time!
by freedom17 March 18, 2012
A person who's face you hate so much that you are totally repulsed by them and can't seem to have a normal conversation with them. They are your best friends on email, text, and chat but once you're face to face with them you either ignore them completely or make up an excuse and get the hell out of there, after you make plans to meet up on chat later of course.
Dan: Hey, I am meeting Jason for some drinks today, you want to hang out with us?

Tom: Would love to, Jason is hilarious, but I face hate him, sorry bro.
by freedom17 November 10, 2011
Misdirected hate. To wrongly hate something or someone.
Dan: Man I really hate Sundays
Scotty: You don't hate Sundays you just misbehate Sundays when in fact you really hate Mondays.
by freedom17 March 28, 2012
A combination of two words - predictable and ridonculous (I know, I know). When someone or something is predictably ridonculous.
Tom: Yo, what did you think of the Borat movie?
Dan: It was hilarious, the naked wrestling scene was predonculous!
by freedom17 October 31, 2011

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