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1. A case of classic cheesin in which you cannot wipe the smile from your face. A face boner is usually due to happiness in a relationship but it may be used in other instances as well.

*It is possible to experience a face boner and a real boner simultaneously.
Dude: I totally nailed a smokin' hot babe last night!

Chad: Dude you don't have to tell me, your face boner gave it away!
by j--hole September 22, 2008
Term used when getting aroused by someone's FaceBook profile pictures.
Sully: "Man... did you see Agnus' profile picture? Her cans were practically hanging out!"

Marshall: "Yeah dude, I got a wicked faceboner when I saw that."
by egrunty October 14, 2011
Something that really sucks, or is really depressing
My birthday was a total face-boner again
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