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1) When something is more fabulous than fabulous.
2) Tab
Matty: This Tab is Fabtabulous!
Mike: Agreed, it is most tangy and fabtabulous.
by Matthew Larsen July 15, 2005
a mixture of fantastic and fabulous, something so great that fantastic can't only describe it, it's also fabulous
That dress is fabtabuous!

What a fabtabulous party we went to the other night!

You are getting married. Wow that's fabtabulous!
by stargirl768 March 23, 2009
Ultra Fabulous. Derived from fabulous, while adding an intensifier.
That dress looks fab-tab-ulous on you!
by JJJJ1234 December 10, 2006
Fabulous and Fantastic mixed together, meaning the Bomb Diggetty or Amazeballs. Not to be confused with Fantabulous, which only means Fantastic and Fabulous.
Me: "Hey mom do I look okay?"
Mother: "Honey I think you look fabtabulous!"
Me: "I'm changing."
by kitkatkaos July 07, 2013
The act of being awesome.
Usually after you say something very good or nice.
would u save me if i was in danger
u r fabtabulous
by Mashew May 10, 2008
A word that is used for a person who is considered a girly girl or a prep;Another word for fabulous.
That girl is so fabtabulous and nice.
by Cherry-Pop33 March 17, 2009
means something is better than normal
That is so fabtabulous!!!
by spaz master October 10, 2004

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