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Mr. Nice Guy

a.k.a. the voice of reality?
That guy is so nice, he is such a Fabrizio.
by PrisciEva September 29, 2006
98 25
1. noun, a faculty member who hooks up with a former student that he or she may or may not have taught.

2. verb, to hook up with a former pupil.
1. Yeah last night Mr. Smith was totally acting like a fabrizio, he took one of his former students home and they totally did the dirty.

2. Last night, Mrs. Jones totally fabrizioed a kid who used to be in her Econ class.
by ienjoythetasteofgrapes May 23, 2007
62 23
A wonderful, strong and loyal person. The kind of person you'd want as your best friend. The kind of person you would do anything for. Be anyone for. Not many people notice that kind of person to be such a gift. Hard to get to know. Easy to lose. It's what I love him for. Don't ever let a person like that slip through your fingers. You will regret it.
A: Why is he helping me? I never did anything good for him.
B: He's a Fabrizio. He can't help it. It's who he is.
by YouShouldKnowWithoutMyName November 30, 2011
32 6