To mean the level of how someone is feeling. It can mean both good and bad depending on the way it is said.
"I'm feeling fabby!!!!" said enthusiastically to mean feeling very good.
by Kimmie August 21, 2004
Top Definition
fabulous, wonderful, of great worth
"I brought you home one million dollars." "Fabby." or "That dress is fabby."
by Brianne December 08, 2003
A portmanteau so appropriately coined when the picture of a young woman named Abby was subjected to the manipulation of the iPhone application 'Fat booth' which subsequently produced a fattened version of the aforementioned image.

It is a blend of the words 'Fat' and 'Abby'
Guy: Hey Fabby!!!
Abby: The name's Abby
Guy: Its Fabby now
Fabby: What the..
by Tralalalaaaaa November 03, 2010
short for fabulous - used as either a single word phrase or as an adj.
"Fabby darling!" or "That is just fabby!"
by Trent October 19, 2004
An annoying exclamation that no one likes. Usually inspires violence when used excessively.
Katie: "Oh my gosh, that purse is so fabby!"
Anna: "If you use that word I'll kill you"...(followed by throat punch)
by Princess Hathaway December 26, 2008
A big, beautiful woman - from the Spanish 'fabuloso' meaning wonderful
Check out that fabby over there by the taquitos! She is one mean machine!
by Wogger July 01, 2005
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