Very cute drummer for groovy new band,the Strokes. Boyfriend of Drew Barrymore, lucky chick.
I dreamed that Fab Moretti kissed me.
by Drew March 15, 2004
Top Definition
one of the nicest guys ever. Is known for slow-dancing with fans on thier birthday, and even giving someone $50 for a cab ride home. Is increadibly goreous and very sweet.
Fab brings the rock.
by marissa April 23, 2004
Incredibly hot drummer for the Strokes with the luckiest girlfriend in the world.
Fabrizio Moretti is like hot and stuff.
by drewandfabfan February 23, 2004
Extremely cool drummer for The Strokes. Gorgeous, great and wicked on the drums. I luff him muchly. Drew Barrymore is his girlfriend, lucky, lucky, lovely lady!
Fab Moretti has got a VERY lucky girlfriend!
by Rosie Posie January 18, 2004
Fab is a muy muy caliente babe from the most awesome band The Strokes. Fab makes me happy in my pants.
He doesn't know it yet, but he's MINE!
by Elisabeth Sherman November 24, 2004
he is the sexiest drummer on planet earth.he's the measurement of all things gorgeous
plus, he´s hell of a drummer.
fab moretti is the modern adonis
by morettifann January 29, 2009
The used-to-be mop-headed drummer of the Strokes. He is extremely good-looking thanks to Brazilian and Italian background. He loves having fun. I mean, as far as I can see. And I think he deserves better than Drew :D. Yes, like me. Of course like me. WHO ELSE?!?!
Fabrizio Moretti is the definition of "hot" and is mine, not any of my friends. Yes, he is mine. Mine mine mine. Drew had better back off, I tend to get defensive.
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