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1. (Fuck Your Clan) The first and original clan "Fuck Your Clan", started out on the Playstation 2 when the official PS2 Network Adapter was released. fYC was known in the PS2 Socom Online game community for discovering and participating in many glitches in multiplayer mode. The whole "Fuck Your Clan" idea was the style of fYC's gameplay. fYC didn't care how good they are, how big their score is, nor did they care what others' think about them. fYC was, and still is, strictly for the fun of gaming technology.

2. (fOR YOUR CRANIUM) Eventually, fYC moved on to the PC platform, tearing up Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. A few years after the fYC's main members retired, fYC evolved to "fOR YOUR CRANIUM" and started to release fYC-created mods (fYCcreationZ) to the public, while helping the community understand how they were made.
What clan are you in?
What's fYC?

This bullet iz... fOR YOUR CRANIUM!
by electrickrypt November 13, 2007
Internet acronym for "Fuck yo couch". Made popular by Dave Chappelle's infamous Rick James skit in season 2.
I can't believe you just did that! Fyc dude!
by Cokr zee Great October 01, 2005
Movie-geek internet-speak meaning "for your consideration." As in, consideration for award nominations.
FYC: Imelda Staunton in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by not unpreposterous August 24, 2007
Similar to FYR (flash your rack), but a disturbing future development into flash your crack. Flashing your crack can not only be done by some hottie, but also by some hairy assed dude.
guy: Hey Beatty, could you please pick up that coin on the floor, so as to FYC?
girl: What?
guy: FYC, the way that hairy assed refrigerator repairman is over there!
by Silverfish March 14, 2007
Main Entry: Fuck You Chubby
Function: intransitive verb
Date: mid - late 2003
usually vulgar : piss off fatty, shut it pie-boy
"Fuck you Chubby!!"
by Mc F November 05, 2003
_FyC- "fuck your couch" is a clan in battlefield 2142.
Known to excel in knifing, and conquest on Camp Gibraltar.
A good Battlefield clan is fyc
by froforces May 07, 2007
vulg. sl.: General exclamation indicating disbelief, boredom, etc., at someone overweight.
You reckon Arsenal are going to win? Fuck you chubby!
by Nev November 09, 2003
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