1. A milkshake in a cup that you churn in a machine.
2. a slang word meaning for real.
Matt:f'real you got a f'real?
Tyler:f'real man i love f'reals!
by Platypus Wrangler September 21, 2010
A combination of "for" and "real." Means "totally", and in some cases can be used in place of "I know right". Can be spelled "frealz", "forreals", etc.

It's also a way to agree with someone.
Person 1: Dude, did see that girl? She was so hot.
Person 2: Freals.

Person 1: I can't believe she'd do that! What a bitch.
Person 2: Freals! She's a big fat whore too!
by thealphabetisawesome September 28, 2009
a guy with a larger than normal sausage
dude, is that thing f'real?
by stretch October 27, 2004

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