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Pronounced, "Saw-jee," this is Bay Area slang for, "Dope." Similar to "Hyphy," but not as played out.
You just had sex with that sooper model Vida, and then ten grand fell out of her anus? That mess is sawgee.
by Richard Smack May 22, 2006
30 10
Sawgee is Yay slang for "Dope," but it's most commonly associated with a person. If a person is called sawgee, it's assumed that person has many desirable traits -- huge bank account, chiseled physique, ten-inch manhood, etc.
That fool got a $1.5M Enzo, a hot ass girl, and a thirteen-inch schlonger? Damn, that brutha sawgee f'real.
by orifice March 29, 2007
14 4