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1.fucked in the ass
2.the act of getting showed up, served, or screwed out of something.
1.When is the last time you were f'd in the a?
2.I was totally f'd in the a by those dirty bastards.
by Vincent May 16, 2004
1. If you get served because you served someone one first.
When you get F'd in the A, it's on! it's on! it's on!

2. When one has a sexual intercourse where someones penis goes in their anal orifice.
1. Ha! I served you back! You just got F'd in the A. IT'S ON!!!

2. Honey, last night, when I got F'd in the A, i really enjoyed it. Why should do it again.
by Marcelo April 09, 2004
The term used in the popular show on Comedy Central, South Park, when someone gets served
Cartman: Ha! You just got F'd in the A!
by maxatron October 23, 2008
shorter term for, fucked in the ass. used when u get jewed, screwed, ect.
How much did u pay for that cd player?


Dude I saw it somewhere else for $120


Dude you got fd in the a on that one.
by Skitzo16 May 15, 2005
Fucked in the arse.
When someone is taken advantage of or has an unpleasant experience.
Person 1: "Tony paid too much for his car."
Person 2: "I know, he definitely got F'd in the A."

Similar to "you got owned" or "you got served"
by Leianon August 05, 2008
An initiation rite for male prisoners.
Bert: Shit, your bro just got sent up. He's so going to get F'd in the A.
Ernie: No shit, Sherlock. But he's down wit that, and so am I. Wanna Dirty Sanchez?
by Privpur October 30, 2006
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