A term often used to diffuse ofensive sarcasm.
"Hey Fuck-face!"
"who are you calling fuck-face?"
by Mista Mike August 10, 2005
Your terrible your bad kid
by Lolal February 23, 2015
Term used primarily in online arcade-style shooter games to describe an enemy whose skill leaves something to be desired.
OMG JIMBO U R SEW EZ!!!!! etc.
by eric December 01, 2003
It means saying good bye to somebody.
Paul:Yo Peter gotta bounce ez

Peter: Ez
by 50uljah January 19, 2005
Anoher way of saying bye
Jamal: Yo ima dip now
Kelly: eZ
by _minnie_ March 11, 2006
used to end a greeting
iight I'm reachin ~*eZ*~
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003
1. Term used to describe someone who just did something stupid and got themself into trouble, therefore "ez-ing" themself. You can also "ez" another person by making them do something dumb or by embarrassing or making a fool out of them. There is no relation with the sexual meaning of easy.

2. Another way of spelling the word easy.
1. That guy got ez'd when his girlfriend kicked him in the groin.

Don't make me ez you!

You're ez foo.

2. Take it ez, pal.
by The Original [JFW] July 02, 2007

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