1. A specific hentai-type picture containing Quatre and Trowa and that is repeatedly brought up in conversation as a random laugh generator and/or relapse of the time when eye pollution was viewed by speaker.
Person 1: And so she kept saying out of BOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS!
Person 2: EYE POLLUTION! RELAPSE! AUGH! *splooching sound as Person 2 gouges out own eyes*
by Blizzleair July 14, 2003
Top Definition
Something which is asthetically challenged and is not pleasing to the eye causes eye pollution. In simple english that is ugly.
Kea: "Hey yo montenique check that girl out she nasty"
Montenique: "oh yeah that's hayliegh, she's a grenade dude"
kea: "hahahahaha.... EYE POLLUTION..Ouch!"
by ImNotAnders0n October 25, 2011
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