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opposite of eye candy, someone unappealing to look at
(how i met your mother) marshall's ex-assistant

barney: "so, who's the eye broccoli?"

marshall: "my new assistant"
by kittycathy December 07, 2010
(ahy brok-uh-lee) n. informal 1. Someone or something that is visually unattractive or hurtful to look at. Antonym of Eye Candy.

First used on the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother by Barney Stinson to describe Marshall Eriksen's homely assistant.
Barney: So, who's the eye broccoli?

Marshall: Hey, that's Iris, my new assistant. And yes, she is a little plain, but I'm married, so that's good.
by HIMYM addict December 10, 2010
This expression was first used on How I Met Your Mother by Barney to describe Marshall's secretary. It is a variation on the classic eye candy expression and since broccoli is one the most unfavorable and unliked foods it is the antithesis of candy, therefore a hot babe would be eye candy while a very ugly or fat girl would be eye broccoli.
Douche #1 - Dude, check it out, that chick is some serious eye broccoli!
Douche #2 - Gross dude, I would not bang her unless my parents wouldn't let me leave the dinner table.
Douche #1 - LOL!
by James Dean Ate My Pancakes December 07, 2010
Someone that isn't nice to look at but you know is good for you.
Guy 1: Dude your new girlfriend is stank AF
Guy 2: Yeah she really makes sure I'm happy, I just can't bring myself to look at her
Guy 1: Man you got yourself some eye broccoli
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