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A marketing ploy to make kids want to buy things with their parent's money.

Stuff + X-TREME name + SHOUTING VOICES AND CAPITAL LETTERS = Kids' moneys!!1!!
Honestly, why would you want regular, plain ol' boring yogurt when you could get... X-TREME YOGURT!!! A blast of nondescript flavorings and bacteria IN YOUR MOUTH!!!
by Kurumi August 17, 2004
The phrase stated after someone who knows whats up takes a sip of Mountain Dew. If you gulp the hole Dew you can yell "THAT'S EXTREEEEEEME!" But only Faggots and Cuntlickers do this.
"Gulp...Gulp...Gulp...THAT'S EXTREME!"
by Calvin3Giese February 19, 2009
A word.. that is used to show your emotions about how cool or chill something is. Also used in place of the word crazy.

Man, that's pretty extreme.
by TheatreLover July 11, 2008
One step down from the word X-treme.

It's commonly known that doing anything to the extreme is cool and all but only without the "E" at the start does something become so far out it's not even funny.
"Hey, check this out, I was walking down the street and then jumped off the the extreme!"

"psht, I jumped off a kerb last week to the X-Treme, that's right, no "E" at the start!"

"Holy shit, you're my hero, can I have your babies?"

"No, your uterus couldn't handle my X-TREME sperm."

by Ian "The Main Man" Mckenna April 21, 2005
A state of being able to use the phone WITHOUT a helmet.
Pee Wee Herman is not extreme.
by Bundtcake October 19, 2006

1. Rooted in ESPN's "X-Games" concept for extreme sports, it is now an invaluable adjective that describes things that are inherently much better.


1. Extreme is also used as a noun for routine exercise.
"Excuse me, I found regular yogart in the dairy section, but I was wondering if you had any extreme yogart?"

"Are we going to do extreme today?"
is better way of saying
"Are we going to the gym today?"
by Christopher Garza February 03, 2005

1)of or relating to "awesomeness." "radness" and "coolness" often used by white boys

2)Red neck quality for being too white
Budweiser and MGD are extreme beers.

Stone Cold Steve Auston is very extreme while Tupac Shakur is not extreme.
by extreme March 08, 2005
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