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The preferred weapon of God, set to exploded after 3 seconds (not 4, nor 2, 5 is way out), and always kills the target.
We have the Holy Hand Grenade!
by Extreme June 19, 2004
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) created in 1922, communists.
Damn commies with their nukes
by Extreme June 19, 2004
1. When something is far out, it is said to be extreme.

2. Catch phrase of Xtream Camera Man Wally Simons.
This is gonna be X-T-REME!
by Extreme June 19, 2004
Device which can move an object through space and time.
I want that Chronosphere
by Extreme June 19, 2004
n. Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)

Deploys into a Construction Yard, which contains the equipment for building temporary military structures.
Quick, Deploy your MCV
by Extreme June 19, 2004
One of the greatest bands ever to exist in the History of Rock Music, hitting the music seen with their debut album 'Brown Sabbath', Deja Voodoo shot up the charts with hits like 'Beers', and 'More Beers', 'P' and the famous 'We are Deja Voodoo'.

From the most awesome country in the entire world, no other then New Zealand, Deja Voodoo have mass an impressive number of fans, even a few from the backward south island.

With a new album coming out in June, Deja Voodoo is set to become the best band in the world ever.

Also, one loyal fan, by the name of Extreme, should be noted, cause he's awesome.
We are Deja Voodoo
We rock more then you do
Who rocks more then you do
Deja Voodoo do
by Extreme March 11, 2005
Orbital weapon
Ion Cannon Ready
by Extreme June 19, 2004
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