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A person who has not only not had sex, but will probably never get it.
1 "I was thinking of asking three to the movies Saturday...."
2 "Don't bother, your not a virgin by choice, and thats not gonna change, extra virgin"
by Clooney the Clown October 03, 2009
A person who never came in any form of sexual contact, they haven't even gotten their first kiss yet.
Many of these middle schoolers are extra virgin.
by Dr.NEIN December 24, 2014
a virgin who not only did not have sex before but has never had any real sexual contact (like kissing, dirty touching, making out, etc.) with the opposite gender (sorry, relatives and family don't count)
Jovan: Hey Michael! I finally kissed a girl, am I still a virgin?

Michael: No, but at least you are not an extra virgin anymore.
by lilzor June 14, 2016
A bisexual individual who has gotten nowhere with EITHER sex.
"Man, that one chick that moved in is totally bi, but doesn't seem to like being around anyone."
"Oh, yeah, she's extra virgin for sure."
by coolfoolroolz November 20, 2011
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