The act of reversing blue ball syndrome.
You teased me so long.... be prepared for my explosure!!
by explosure bob January 25, 2011
Top Definition
Exposure with the magnitude of an explosion; typically in relation to special or PR coverage
That event was an absolute explosure
by Mike Snyder February 01, 2005
A Ska/PopPunk band from Guelph, Ontario. Formed in 2004.
The term is a combination of the words Explosion and Exposure; referring to an incredibly massive amount of Exposure.
What's your favourite band, George? EXPLOSURE, OF COURSE!
Oh, man guys, we're really getting quite the Explosure.
by Benjina June 07, 2007
explosive exposure.
When clothes are to tight and in danger of ripping.
Damn girl, any tighter and you're in danger of explosure
by crashandburn22501 February 11, 2011
The global exposure none of us escape every time there is a nuclear test, or a nuclear accident, or other misuse of radioactive energy.
If explosure doesn't convince you that we are all in the same boat, I don't know what will.
by tidesong April 29, 2011
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