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Catch phrase uttered by the wonderous Senor Cardgage (or any ugly, dumpy guy with a beer belly and a comb-over) while popping out of bushes and carrying a plastic bag full of mysterious contents which may include any of the the following:

1. Cold Pizza
2. Rotten Vegetables
3. Shattered Pieces of the owner's past life...
This phrase confuses Homestar Runner.
Cardgage: Excardon me!

Homestar Runner: I don't know what that means... and you still smell like pea soup
by Yuri December 21, 2003
A mish mash of pardon me and excuse me.
excardon me, I thought these were the gents toilets.
by JW Pepper December 23, 2003
Something said by Strongbad's alter ego, or senor cardgage, the old man who lived down the street from strongbad when he was a child.
"well excard on me"
by Justin Carapella December 28, 2003
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