see {cunt}, also really like the target idea.
I hope to one day see my ex-wife's face on a milk carton.
by PISSED October 22, 2003
The terminally deluded woman to whom you were once married that blames your "issues" for all of the woes of her life (even from before the time that you met her) while denying the existance of any issues of her own and while thinking that you might remotely care how lonely she is because she has no friends (because they all got tired of listening to her "non-existant" issues and abandoned her).
I often wonder what my ex-wife was thinking about when the court magistrate legally declared our relationship "irreconsilible" and our marriage "dissolute" because whe certainly wasn't listening to the judgement.
by Aghast February 14, 2008
EX Wife could be the most dangerous animal on the planet.
They have razor sharp teeth and are very venomous.Most Ex Wife can be found in clubs,bars,MySpace,parties,rain forest,beaches,back yards even your own home.
They have only a few known natural predator witch are the Giraffe,Squirrel,Loyal men,Tony Stewart and sea cows only the kind that swim close to beaches.
They are also Nocturnal and Diurnal.They can feed day or night.Ex Wifes are also very territorial and eat there own offspring.
I was mauled by an Ex Wife roaming through the woods.
by Shannon (Twinkie) November 11, 2007
The useless bitch you finally divorced after years of her excessive spending, nagging and constant excuses for not finding a job or cleaning the house. Leaving you with almost nothing and yet somehow thinks you should still give her money for all she has done for you.
by Shortbus28 July 25, 2009
exwife n : a woman who formerly complained about her husband hunting.

A particular man's wife.

A stand to hold up a archery target.

My ex-wife made good sausage. She was really tasty.
by Bubba February 18, 2003
The reason I'm in jail.
Joe: So, what got you into prison Mike?

Mike: Ex wife.

Joe: Ahh.
by whycantIfindapseudonym? August 26, 2012
A woman who married a misogynist twat, but was smart enough to realise she'd made a mistake.
Ex wife. All the women referred to above.
by annys April 20, 2010

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