what you say to someone when you just get in a fight with them and you try to make it up so u say this
Hey ex-best friend lori
by lola April 14, 2005
Top Definition
what you call someone when they have majorly fucked up.
your best friend: well your not invited to my party anymore!
*she takes you off her top completely!*
You: yeah? well screw you EX-BEST FRIEND!
by RaveyBaby May 31, 2008
Someone you hate to love.
Ex-best friends are worse than enemies. At least your enemy cares enough to hate you.
by DarkNeko August 03, 2011
somebody who was your bestfriend at one point but then backstabbed you or started to ignore you and is no longer your bestfriend.

you usually have strong feelings of hatred or sadness toward this person.
nikki- "idk what happened with me and emily"

friend- "i thought you two were bestfriends?"

nikki- "emily started ignoring me and i guess i was replaced. i love her to death but idk what we are anymore"

friend- you're exbestfriends" :(
by nikkiisamazing13 October 08, 2010
a guy that you thought was your friend and just turns out to be an ass who thinks he's really your boyfriend and that you love him, even thought you've told him for years that:
1.you're gay, you don't swing that way
2.even if he was a chick..no
3.you don't like him like that.
then proceeds to try to kill you several times and beat you up cause you hate him
jake, psycho extrodinare
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
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