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Internet chat form of "oops." Used for "foot-in-mouth" situations.
Carl: why doesn't your dad ever pick you up from school?
Bob: my dad's in the big house
Carl: ewps
by wingnut November 14, 2004
Sentiments uttered after an accidentally dirty predicament: oops + ew = Ewps.
(tonight at the strip club... Matt gets a $1 lap dance...)

Jay: Guys, what is on Matt's upper lip? O.O
stripper: ewps!
by hidee's ho supply April 13, 2013
EWP stands for East Weymouth Projects .
they think they`re the baddest people in the world well go to boston and see how long you live there .
all the 15 and 16 year olds think that weed is cool and drinking is the best thing ever .
theyy all think weed is the biggest drug but it's only a gateway drug and leads to coke and heroine . well have dying project kids .
they have their own little EWP sign that they do with their hands they can't just make the E-dub one . north weymouth or as i like to call it n-dub don`t have gay shit like that . all they do is make their n-dubb thing .
15 year old kid : wanna smoke and drink tonight . i got weed .
other kid : you are so gay, no wonder you have no friends .
other 15 year old : FUCK YEAA I'LL DRINK AND SMOKE WIT YA .
other kid : well have killing yaselves PEACE . OH WAIT YOU DON'T CARE EWP KIDS ARE TO COOL FOR THAT
by teenyweeny February 21, 2007

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