To like someone more then a friend, but not as much as love. You could evol a best friend.
"I love you." - Person 1
"No, you don't. You evol me" - Person 2
by coolbananasrawesome February 08, 2009
Top Definition
(adj.) Almost evil, but humourous.
Evil is love spelled backwards, well, if you change it around a bit. EVOL!
by Gumba Gumba May 30, 2004
When you really care about someone and you know they care about you. Its when you love being with this someone and you cant wait to be with them. It's when you know your so lucky to be with this person and don't feel like you deserve them. Its way more then like but less then love.
I evol you oh so much pat
by yourhoneybunchesofoats January 07, 2010
having a strong emotion towards someone. Stronger than "like" but not as strong as "love".
I evol you
by corey October 28, 2003
more than like, less than love
dear marissa, i evol you a lot :)
by your butthead January 06, 2010
(adj.) When you call someone evil in a playful manner, usually to a friend.
"you're so evol! kekekeke skeet-skeet wafflez"
by guitarkitty August 24, 2005
1. To regard with contempt or scorn: despised all cowards and flatterers.

2. To dislike intensely; loathe: despised the frigid weather in January.

3. To regard as unworthy of one's interest or concern: despised any thought of their own safety.
I really think Jessica is an EVOL!
by AsianGOTyou June 25, 2010
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