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The act of glaring at someone with a lot of anger or hatred.
"She must be pissed, she's been giving me the evil eye all night."
by grindmyscrotum July 14, 2005
The act of raising one's hand with the middle and ring fingers folded down beneath a bent thumb, and the index and little fingers raised, micking a devil's orn or pitchfork.
"Holy fuck, somebody put Slayer on! I'm gonna pitch a fork!"
by grindmyscrotum July 14, 2005
A very inferior form of cartoon originating in this little shithole island we nuked twice in the 40's. CHaracters are drawn with fair skin, large eyes, and rather creepily common blonde hair. What's THAT say to you?
"I like to watch Anime, which is an expression of the Japanese's envy of white people!"
by grindmyscrotum July 08, 2005
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