Currency in use in the greater part of the European Union since January 2nd, 2002. Adopted on that date by a core group of twelve countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy and Greece. The Euro has been adopted more recently by Slovenia, and subsequently (and jointly) by Malta and Cyprus. It is therefore a single currency for some 317 million Europeans, or more than the total population of the United States. Slovakia is set to adopt the Euro at the start of 2009, followed by Lithuania a year later and Estonia at the start of 2011, with other mainly eastern European states following not too long afterwards.

Coins in the currency are marked on one side with a representation of Europe (or the globe on copper coins) and on the obverse with a national design that varies between countries and often between denominations within a country; all versions are of course legal tender within the Euro zone. 1, 2 and 5 cent coins are of copper plated steel. 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are of an alloy known as Nordic Gold for its colour but in fact are gold free. 1 Euro coins have are two-toned, with a cupronickel centre and a surrounding nickel brass ring, a design reversed on the 2 Euro coin.

Bank notes are standardised across the Euro zone and feature representations of different styles of windows and bridges symbolic of the openness of the unifying European culture, with more modern architectural styles represented on higher denomination notes.

The Euro started off within a cent of parity with the US dollar; the exchange rate at the time of writing is approaching one Euro to one US dollar and fifty cents. Various countries in the Far East have expressed a preference for the Euro over the dollar as a unit of international currency.
This lager costs five Euro and is way too expensive.
by Fearman March 03, 2008
A monetary unit designed by the secret European council to confuse Americans and Swindle them out of their money. This is done by giving them more for each Dollar they try to exchange. They are told that things are the same price in Europe so the Americans feel that they receive a good deal, however, on arrival, the Europeans have craftily made everything 4.6 times more expensive.
European: This sandwich is 14 euros.

American: That's like 18 dollars

European: No man.... ur gettin a deal man...

American: No i'm not....

European: But dude... Look at how tasty this sandwich is...
Sexual Intercourse, normally as payment by one party to another for services previously rendered. See Alternate Currency.
"I heard she gave him Euros last night!"
by Agaeki January 17, 2008
Common european currency used since 01/01/2002, its value is exactly equal to 1000 lire.
Italian and European politicians keep saying that 1 euro equals 1936.27 lire, but nobody believes them.
I used to pay 30000 lire to eat at the restaurant until 2001, now I always spend 30 euro!
by Devil Master April 09, 2004
A term frequently used to describe a European girls genitalia, mostly used in the south east of England
now i'll tell you what i'll smash, what i'll really, really smash, so tell me what you'll smash what you'll really, really smash, SMASH YOUR BODY DOWN AND EURO ALL AROUND
by smashitintheeuro January 12, 2011
What white people have instead of an afro.
Hey look at that white guy with an afro! That's not an afro, that's a euro.
by TheCCreature April 29, 2010
European girl who wants an american cock, and will stop at nothing to get it. She starts off seeming normal and DTF, but then becomes a stage five clinger. Even showing up at your house and job uninvited, and blowing up your phone everyday. Definitely does not take a hint when trying to avoid, but instead she tries harder, inviting you to movies, and dinner.
Dude that girl totally tuned into a Euro! She showed up at my work and is sitting outside our apartment! Oh wait, she just text me too.
by Americock September 28, 2010
1. someone from or living in a european country

2. european
That euro beat is most annoying music ever.
by Light Joker April 03, 2006

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