An acronym for Excessive Taint Scrubbing.
man 1: "hey, have you heard Fear the Awakening's new song 'the Totally Unnecessary Bath and the Excessive Taint Scrubbing'?"

man2: "yeh, that's funny, i gave your mother an ETS last night."

man 1: "dink."
by carltonfunkbass March 03, 2010
Equals The Shit
"Dave Campells ETS"
way to say ... Dave Campbells = the shit!
by IHATELLOYD November 24, 2008
Ebonic Tribe Speak - A vernacular spoken by Black African American Negros "an it go sumthin like dis".

ETS speaking hoodrate hoe in library: Is yall finna have dat "Read a Book to some churrin Day" thang her taday? Ma teacha say I wuz poseda cum her to read some books wit a buncha nerdz a sumthin.

Librarian in the hood: Yes. The book reading club is going to be held here today, it starts at 4:30, but first you must learn to speak proper english, not ebonic tribe speak dear.

Hoodrate hoe in library: ...... o_O . Aboniks Drive Speech? Bitch I aint speakin no Adonic Tribe whateva, I'm hood hoe what you finna do Imma thrash you and call da maddafukin N-dubba-a-p-p-c-a on ya hoe ass!!! White racist cracka!!!

Librarian: Ok darling.
by Timdot May 04, 2008

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