The shorter name for Enhanced Traction System used on cars to lower torque to the drive wheels allowing for more traction by using the ABS censors to read the speed of the wheels, if one slips it lowers the torque overall. It has a variety of ways to reduce torque by inhibiting the firing of the spark plug, cutting the amount of fuel to the combustion chamber, and/or up shifting. Also saves on gas a bit but, to me, seems to slow the cars acceleration. I could be wrong.
An engine brake in a semi inhibits the firing of the pistons like the ETS in a car. Fuel cutter is like when hitting the max speed a speed governor will allow, it cuts fuel only the ETS is more subtle. The up shifting should be obvious, it lowers rpm thereby lowering torque.
by m9i9k9e99 January 04, 2008
E.T.S.(eat(s) the sack), refering to someone who engages in oral sex. For instance, a guy giving one to a female partner. The "sack" is actually the pussy.
According to what she told me about Gary, he E.T.S.
by Tugboats May 28, 2006
estimated time of sleeping
Johnny: What are your plans for tonight?
Beth: I have a lot of work so my ETS is 2AM.
by bootysmacker September 09, 2012
An ETS or European Testical Slap is a powerful strike to a male crotch, resulting an a loss or sperm on numbness in the penis.
Dude im going to ETS this noob like i owned Nelson the other day.
by Avacado bui May 08, 2009
Enfos Team Survival!!!
A fun and popular warcraft 3 map.
I am Going to play Enfos Team Survival because it is fun - ME!?!
by anonymus July 22, 2004
Is the Estimated Time of Separation (ETS) for military personnel.
When do you ETS out of the Army?

On 01 AUG 2007.
by Omeister February 08, 2007
Excuse to suck
But dude, "Not Alone" is for Haiti Relief, so at least it has an ETS.
by ExtraStaple April 08, 2010

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