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To introduce someone electronically via email, facebook, myspace or other online forum.
I can etroduce you to that hot girl, she's totally one of my facebook friends.
by amanda boekelheide October 03, 2007
A third party introducing two people in an email.
Annette and Dan,

Let me e-troduce you both...Annette, Dan works at Dan's electric...Dan, Annette is looking for an electrician.Now you've met, converse away!

by TannisT February 15, 2008
introducing two people thru email, facebook, linked in or any other electronic form/ online networking site.
Hey Michael, I would like to e-troduce you to Jan Levinson, she is the VP of Regional Operations for Dunder Mifflin.

Dude, I saw that hottie on your FB, e-troduce me to her.
by Ubu Krol February 03, 2010
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