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To introduce someone electronically via email, facebook, myspace or other online forum.
I can etroduce you to that hot girl, she's totally one of my facebook friends.
by amanda boekelheide October 03, 2007
35 2
A third party introducing two people in an email.
Annette and Dan,

Let me e-troduce you both...Annette, Dan works at Dan's electric...Dan, Annette is looking for an electrician.Now you've met, converse away!

by TannisT February 15, 2008
4 2
introducing two people thru email, facebook, linked in or any other electronic form/ online networking site.
Hey Michael, I would like to e-troduce you to Jan Levinson, she is the VP of Regional Operations for Dunder Mifflin.

Dude, I saw that hottie on your FB, e-troduce me to her.
by Ubu Krol February 03, 2010
3 3
To introduce two people by e-mail.
We never met but a buddy sent us a message to e-troduce us.
by Ronilicious January 20, 2008
1 2