Describes someone known for imparting instant justice to the evil and/or deeply annoying
Whoa, he bans like ethiaa
by Sitting Goose October 13, 2003
Top Definition
coolest mod on nz
wattah an example of what?
by ethiaa December 27, 2003
man who gets all my Messages to customer suppport. very tolerant of the ignorant. knows too much about nukezone for his own good
ahh crap, hes got my CS message again.
by Mozzie January 02, 2004
There are in fact more than one ethiaa in the same person!
1. The hardworking admin on NukeZone and
2. An absolute sweetheart, very adorable
ethiaa ethiaa wherefore are thou ethiaa
by Joanie October 14, 2003
m0d type guy that loves attention but is very p00r at fantasy f00tball
man, that guy cant play FF fo' shit ... hes ethiaa
by tcmalice October 10, 2003
The Destroyer, The Ugly One, That Bloke, Nukezone Admin.
0 0409Mode04-09#NukeZone048 ethiaa +b *!*
0017:15:24 0409Kick04-09#NukeZone044 `-m was kicked by ethiaa (You did something very wrong - let this be a lesson to you. 12‹14212›)
by Caz February 04, 2004
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