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To put 1 fist in the vagina and 1 fist in the ass at the same time.
Last night I gave that ho the destroyer! "1 in the pink, 1 in the stink"
by Jehbro July 11, 2008
22 3
1. the shocker doubled
2. Insertion of both index fingers and both middle fingers into the vaginal opening while pushing both pinkies into the anus and massaging the clitoris with both thumbs
Why shocker when you can destroyer?
by Frau Sow May 29, 2005
10 8
1. One who destroys
2. The absolute ruler of everything
3. One that pwns n00bs
4. Brendan Smith
1. The destroyer destroyed the things that needed destruction.
2. "Bow down to the destroyer!"
3. Headshotted by the destroyer
4. Brendan Smith is the destroyer.
by Hans Christoph Vitzthum December 08, 2008
5 5