a diss track by Nas to Jay-z. A reply to takeover.
Ether is the 2nd best diss track next to hit'em up
#ether #diss #track #nas #jay-z
by whyuwannakno? September 08, 2007
A highly powerful drug formerly used as an anesthetic.

It also heals your Pokemons' PP
Surgeon: Okay, let's begin the surgery. Apply the Ether to sedate them.

Pokemon Trainer: I was just at the end of the Elite 4, but then during my battle with Cynthia's Garchomp, my Glacion ran out of PP for her Ice Beam. Luckily I had an Ether to restore it and used it to win the battle and become the Pokemon League Champion!
#pokemon #surgery #pp #power points #restore #anesthetic #sedate #high #muchroom trip
by Meraruba April 09, 2011
A harsh-smelling chemical that is sometimes "huffed" so as to attain a feeling of immobility and an impairment of motor skills.
After drinking ten beers, Bill indulged in some ether and soon passed out.
by Aristotle January 15, 2003
ether: Something of beauty, or a haunting power.
Lily has the ether.
#all about lily chou-chou #faye wong #sigur ros #my bloody valentine #mogwai
by Lilyholic May 28, 2011
I'm on it right now. All I can describe it as is an insatiable need to satisfy yourself yet you are always a disappointment. Someone knows what I mean.
Me: Did I just do that?
Me: Yeah, wait no that never happened because it's happening now.
me: what does this feel like?
me: last time exactly.
me: no because this is this time.
me: ether
#ether #inhalant #crazy #awesome #this
by jesuschrist himself August 06, 2009
An ethnic. A Jit or a Mo.
"Have you seen the new bloke in NVD?"

"Yeah mate. He's an ethers isn't he?"

" Sure, sure. They make really good data analysts"
by Nindi February 03, 2005
this shit is fucking crazy!
u can see yourself twice but you don't know which one is the real one which kinda sucks but also makes it more interesting:)
When i was doing ether i saw myself lying on a big bed on there were little monsters in different bright colors(they had a lot of hair and huuuge big teeth) on my knee and were eating it!that fucking freaked me out! then i saw the other me just watching me. stupid me! until now i still dont know which one was the real me :D
if u wanna experience an amazing nightmare then do it - have never done it again but it was awesome but also scary ( since these monsters were eating my knee/legs although i didnt feel any pain) my conclusion is that is was fucking cool:)!!!!
#ether #drugs #hallucination #pills #illusions
by tereza February 29, 2008
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