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The 44th president of the United States of America.
Barack Obama for President-2008!
by Wakamusha March 31, 2007
The greatest pistol cartridge ever created; the only practically sized round to ever combine high speed, penetration, accuracy and stopping power. Has the same projectile as the .40S&W, but more powder gives higher performance.
The GLOCK model 20 chambered for the 10mm auto is a perfect 10.
by wakamusha March 23, 2007
A video game controller, originates from PONG, the first video game ever.
The XBOX 360 is the first game system to come out the box with wireless paddles.
by wakamusha March 20, 2007
Abbreviaton for South Norwalk, a neighborhood in Norwalk, CT.
-I'm going down to SoNo.
-Wear yo bullet proof vest!
by wakamusha March 08, 2007
A great drinking game.
Play in Asshole is organized into tricks, much like Hearts or Bridge.

The Asshole (the person to place last in the previous round, see below) shuffles and deals the cards. All the cards are dealt, until none are left, in clockwise rotation.

The player on the dealer's left begins by leading any card, or set of matching cards, though in some house rules the player with a certain card always leads. The player to their left may then play an equal number of matching cards with a higher face value, or may pass. Note that you must play the same number of cards as the lead. If the leader starts with one card, only one card may be played on top of it; if they lead with a pair, only pairs may be played on top of it, and so on. The next player may do the same, and so on. This continues until all players pass. The last person to play cards leads the next trick.

General rules:
A two (2) card is "clear", meaning all played cards are removed, and the person playing the 2 starts again4
If there are 2 or 3 of a card on the table (in a row), and a player has the rest to "complete the set" of all four cards, that can be done, regardless of whose turn it is currently. The cards are cleared, and the player who "completed the set" gets to go again, as if he or she laid a "clear" in the previous round.
If a player passes, he or she must drink.
When players pass, this does not limit them in any way from playing later, even during the same trick.
When a player matches the rank of the previously played card, the next player's turn is skipped. A skipped player must drink.
If a player reaches his or her last card, he or she must immediately yell "last card". If someone points out that they didn't say it, or if someone else reaches their own last card, and yells it first, then, the player who forgot to yell is automatically the asshole for the next round.
by Wakamusha August 21, 2007
A dis track performed by Nas, which caused several semi rap fans to immediately jump on his dick. Many of these "fans" had never heard a Nas album, and 99% of them never heard Jay-Z's response to the song, a track entitled "supa ugly" which was written, recorded, and released within 12 hours after Ether made it's debut. Supa Ugly was only heard on New York City's HOT 97, and was withdrawn from the airwaves after Jay decided it was just way too vicious of a diss.
When Nas put out Ether, he made several false claims.

Example 1: Norman Rockefeller died of AIDS
Example 2: "...then u said u was better than BIG"
(actually jay said he's not better than big, but that he's the closest one)

When Jay dropped Supa Ugly, he revealed a true fact which was confirmed by Nas himself:

Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin
Get It?
More in Carmen
I came in ya Bentley backseat
Skeeted in Jeep
Left condoms in tha baby seat
by wakamusha March 20, 2007
The 44th President of the United States.
The democratic candidate Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. George Bush is ordering a recount in all 50 states.
by Wakamusha April 10, 2007

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