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unique person, loved by many, hated by more. different kind of person. spectacular personality.
ethen is cool. awesome.

dude, thatethen kid is totally crazy! he's pretty cool.
#similar to ethan #crazy #entertaining #fag #broad
by hmmhmmhmm December 08, 2009
someone who is absolutely amazing, gorgeous, sexy, dazzling smile, looks to die for, all around perfect kind of boy. All the girls want him, he's a dream come true for many people. Once you have him, don't let him slip through your fingers, as he's unique and hard to find. The type of boy who would easily without doubt make sure he looks after his girlfriend, and wouldn't put anything stupid in-front of her. Very popular, and a VERY good fighter. BEWARE!

He also has a VERY big penis!
girl 1 - Do you know Ethen?
girl 2 - Hell yeah! he's a real charmer
girl 3 - Oh of course i know him!
#ethen #sexy #hunk #handsome #penis
by charrrr1234 January 22, 2012
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