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Disease whereby a doughy substance protrudes from the belly button creating a small version of the victim formed from stomach lining. Whether you have an inny or an outy decides the gender of the esqueelate (small new being) with innies forming a female and outies forming a male. Whilst esqueelating, the victim/ host experiences extreme pain and discomfort and if the victim's name is mentioned during the esqueelation, the esqueelate twitches and will cause bleeding and EXCRUCIATING pain.
Jim was esqueelating; poor Jim. Not a fun esqueelation.
by HEHRBEHRT January 07, 2014
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Esqueelation (verb), to esquilate. As described in HEHRBEHRT's description, esqueelation is a disease founded by Biologist NAP1029 and Mad Scientist KrashDown. It was stumbled upon accidently whilst trying to create the monsterous Bearshark. The disease is formed by harmful bacterium mixing with the human stomach lining, when the reaction happens the Esquilate DNA will merge with the hosts creating a hybrid of the two, this hybrid is named the Esquitus and takes the form of a Green/Grey doughey substance. Following this the Esquitus will dig through the hosts skin and protrude from their bellybutton. As the Esquitus grows it will cause immense pain and pleasure to the host such as bleeding from the inside (internal bleeding) or giving the sensation of doing a pee you've needed for a long time. Once the growth stage of Esqueelating is complete it will detatch, tearing out the hosts bellybutton, this will decide the gender (inny-female) (outy-male). This Esquitus will copy the hosts DNA and form a clone named the Esquii.
Robert was esqueelating! OH GOD I'M ESQUEELATING!!! Esqueelation is very hurty :(
by KrashDown January 08, 2014

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