Worst than terrorist. They do things before they think about it. They don't even know what, why and how they are gonna do it. So that's why they fucked up all the time. Love to screw people up. They really hate it when other people are right and they're wrong. When they finally realize their mistake, its already too late. Forget it if you think they will admit their mistakes. They love to deny almost everything. They just love to lie. They even lie to their own family.
George Bush is such an errorist!
by Zidna April 08, 2010
Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes. Says stuff he believes is true, but anyone with common sense can see he's wrong. A dumbass.
Otterbeck is telling one of his stories again, what a fucking errorist.
by TeeBall September 06, 2007
Someone who makes a lot of fucking mistakes.
knock, knock (house owner looking through peephole)OMG, get daddy's bucket of grenades, those fucking errorist Seventh-day Advetist kids are trying to wedge there way into our home to steal our souls by selling carob brownies!
by Davvvy September 05, 2007
One who repeatedly preaches false information to inflate his/her ego.
That errorist just slammed his plane of bullshit into my Twin Towers of Truth.
by fauxsheezy September 05, 2007

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