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The title of one who is of the ultimate queerness. Ericists enjoy watching dumb movies such as Transformers and singing their theme songs in the middle of the streets for no reason. They also get moody in the heat & despise walking anywhere. Ericists are normally known as fucking retarded, while on the other hand, Tommyists are amazingly cool & it's a religion that one can only be born into (AKA a way of life)
Tommyism > Shirleyism > Ericism... WERD :)
by Shirley Liu July 08, 2007
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A phrase in which is so ludicrous and dumb it could have only come from Eric.
"So Obama won the Ohio prelim" "Oh I don't follow golf much"
There's an Ericism.
by Madeinthesheets August 13, 2011
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