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1. To rally up and inflame throngs under the guise of democratic goals and ideals, only to usurp citizen rights and liberties in the process.

2. To pay lipservice to democratic ideals while letting he/she who does the erdogganing slide by (with "to").

3. To be a fulsome crony to he/she who does the erdogganing. (with "against").

4. (Pl.) The crowds who are mass-beguiled into tumult by he/she who does the erdogganing.
The vice-president literally erdogganed the entire Western coast immediately after the 9/11 strike.

Did you see that libertarian who erdoganned to the president?

The Daily Mirror columnist is a class-A erdoggan to the mayor.

Whereas Jeniffer outwardly appeared to support left-wing activism, she was erdoganning against G. W. Bush.

The tea-party rioters are such a bunch of erdoggans!
by DrOzanYarman November 08, 2011
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